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Privacy Policy

Security Experts only collects personal information that you provide. There are only a few required fields, and how many others you choose to fill out, is up to you. We do not expect or encourage you to post any information that you would consider too sensitive for public display.


  1. Display means that any visitor to Security Experts, whether they are a Registered Member or not, can Search on, Display and Print/Save any information you select to Display. You have complete control.
  2. Required fields are Searchable and can be Displayed to any visitor to Security Experts.
  3. You can choose to Display or Not-Display many fields within your profile editor.


Information you post in public areas of the site or placed in the Searchable Displayed database will be accessed, used, and stored by others around the world. We strive to provide a safe, secure environment by attempting to limit access to Non-Displayed areas in our database, but cannot provide an absolute guarantee that unauthorized parties will not gain access. We also cannot control how authorized users store or transfer information downloaded from the database, so you should ensure that you do not post sensitive information.

We also collect information about how you use our site and the areas of our site that you visit. The resulting logs contain information necessary for analyzing the use of resources, troubleshooting problems, and improving services.


Disclosure of Information to Others
We only share your information with those you have chosen in your Member Profile. If you have consented for us to do so, we may use your information to contact you about other products or services available from our affiliates. If you have consented for us to do so, we may also share your information with third parties who may contact you about their products or services. We also share information where legally required. Information collected on our Sites is stored in whole or in part in the United States, and may be subject to U.S. law. We may disclose and transfer information if our business is sold or acquired.


Your Choices About Your Information
You may review, correct, or delete the personal information you enter in your Member Profile at any time. Simply log into your account, go to your Member Profile, and make the necessary changes. We will delete your personal information, but will retain logs, demographic and statistical information about you and keep an archival copy of your information in an anonymized form. If your personal information was previously accessed by others using the Sites, we are unable to delete the information from their systems.


We have no control over the information that Ad Networks or other third parties may have about you. We encourage you to visit their web sites and review and read the privacy policies and opt-out practices that govern their usage. If you change your mind about receiving communications from Monster or other parties, you may change your preferences by logging into your account. You may also turn off cookies in your browser. This may affect your use of the site.

If you have any reason to believe you have found or know of a security risk or data leak, please contact us immediately!


SecurityIncident [AT] SecurityExperts [DOT] Com